David V. Stewart

Zul is an eclectic music project crossing the classical and ambient rock genres, with influences taken from jazz and even electronic music. It is primarily the brainchild and performance vehicle for David V. Stewart, a multi-instrumentalist best known as a classical guitarist, along with any musicians who choose to come along on the band’s journeys.

Zul’s first album, Memories Adrift, will be released in late 2017 and will consist of ten tracks covering a wide field of styles, textures, and composition approaches. From the classic rock inspired “Lux” to the out-of-this-world electronic wanderings of Memories Adrift in Deep Time, to the bare classical guitar of Wooden Room and Convergence III, Zul is sure to deliver moments that unexpected and interesting.

At the center of Memories Adrift is David V. Stewart, who performs on the guitar, bass, EWI (electronic wind instrument), keyboard, and electronic percussion. Joining him is Chad Rosser on Bass and Rone Stewart, who makes his debut before the age of two by performing drum fills, keyboard, and generally adding aleatoric elements, the way toddlers are known to do with everything in their parents’ lives.

You can find Zul’s Music, along with music instruction videos by David V. Stewart (focusing on guitar and music theory) at https://www.youtube.com/user/rpmfidel. You can read his books at dvspress.com and find out more about his wide field of endeavors at davidvstewart.com

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